English update

Hi guys over there in the UK, France, China and wherever else in the world.

On our amazing journey we’ve just reached Nairobi, Kenya after crossing the Equator three days ago. Now I’m sitting in a modern supermarkted on the southern outskirts of the kenyan capital, enyoying spiced chips and a wifi zone to check out all the latest information about the happenings in the world and in football. Not the best news coming through, to be honest, although I wouldn’t like to connect the situation in Libya and at the Mem in Bristol…

We’ve been through hell in the last two weeks. Northern Kenya proofed to be a very tough and demanding experience with a road that doesn’t actually exist despite bearing the name “Trans-East-African-Highway”. It took us four days to cover roughly 500 kilometers, and those four days were more than exhausting for all of us. Sometimes I could cycle not faster than 5 km/h per hour as the road was so full of rocks or washboard it became almost uncycable (see pictures in the German section.)

General feeling is brillant, though. Stomack and guts are working normal, the mental state is still on a high and that the bum hurts at the end of the day – well, I’ve been used to that by now. Since we left the northern kenyan desert at Isiolo we’ve entered a different kenya: green, modern, westernized and crowded. Now the biggest danger is the traffic which is an absolute nightmare. Cars just taking over in an incredible speed without caring much for other (especially cyclists), and twice I had to jump into the bushes to escape a lorry who wanted to throw me off the road. Would love to have a couple of more eyes…

After Nairobi the traffic will slow down again, so that danger might be histoy soon. A new challenge is waiting for us, though: rain. Tonight, we had the first raindrops since two months, and it won’t be long unless we will cycle in pouring rain.

Rain… that reminds me on Britain (why?). A lot of thinks here in Kenya remind me on Britain. Have a look at the puctures in the last German entry and you will know what I mean. I certainly appreciate it as everything is much more organized and, yes, tidy here that it was in Ethiopia.

Thanks very much for all you comments here in the blog. It’s really nice to see your guys following me on this adventure, even if I’ve been mostly blogging on German recently. And it’s even more nice to get new information coming to me like those from Marc and Annette, who obviously expanding the number of family members! Keep the Gwen ha Dhou flying in China and all the best for you!

All the best for now. Take care and enjoy life

yours hardy cyclist


2 Kommentare

  1. Mary says you need extra eyes in your bottom!!! and if you can’t manage that rely on your intuition i.e. your gut feeling and as they seem under control now (!!) that should be no problem.
    Mary likes your tan also……. or is it dust!
    Take care
    Big hugs
    M&M in Nibbleland

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hi Hardy,

    We are still following you indeed! The way people drive in Kenya reminds me what I see here every morning and evening while commuting to and from work. The roads are better however;) Things in Guingamp are a little bit scary now. Last match was a draw at Plabennec (you know the village near Brest, lol). Strasbourg is very very close but could go bankrupt before June.
    May will be a busy month here and next 6 months even worse I guess. Still some shopping to do…
    All the Best… under the rain;)

    Annette and Marc

    Gefällt mir

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