Short English Update from Sudan

Hi guys over there in the UK, France and China

Just a short update for all of you not able to understand German. We are in Sudan (Dongola), whrere there is obviously no internet-connection due to the situation in Egypt. This ride has been quite tough in the last week. Since Luxor I struggled with Diarroea, and although we had two days off due to shipping down from Aswan to Wadi Halfa in Sudan I couldn’t go on the bike the first day here in Sudan. That means, I already lost my EFI, but at least I got rid of the diarroea by now.

Riding is quite tough as is the tight schedule. There is not much time during the day to relax and camping at the desert doesn’t make it easier. Everything is very sandy by now, and my body longs for a proper wash. Didn’t have a shower for more than 6 days, and I don’t thing I’ll get another proper shower until Nairobi. It’s a moajor excperience for body and mind, and as far as I can say so far it is even more a challenge for the mind as it is for the body. You can prepare your body for the TdA, but you cannot prepare your mind for what we are experiencing here. So I guess it will take a while until I get used to it and start enjoying it again. That’s for sure: if you are not fit, it is no fun. More than once I sat somewehre in the desert, trying to day my “business” and asked myself how on earth am I to survive the whole thing for four moths. But that will change again, I’m pretty sure.

Sorry for not updating you properly, but due to tight schedule and rare Internet that’s simply not possible. And I fear It will be the same at least until Nairobi. Just to tell you were qwe are: After Aswan we crossed the Lake Nassar by ferry and went to Wadi Halfa. From there we cycled 400 KM south along the Nile to Dongola where we are now. We are camping right in front of the local zoo, which seems to be deserted though.

All the best to all of you. Keep hope alive et KENAVO


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  1. Hi Hardy,

    I guess the „guys in China“ is for us:) ? Thanks for your thoughts! We wish all the best for the next stages. Don’t worry to much for the loss of your EFI status. We are glad to hear that you are healthy again. Bon courage, really we mean it!
    Guingamp plays Cannes tonight. Allez Guingamp!


    Gefällt mir

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